Web Development/Design & SEO

Tommi has been helping us with web design, SEO and content creation for the better part of 2023. He is attentive and effective in his use of time and able to implement changes in short notice. We let him create some of the design and his web proposals were brilliant. He has an understanding of the search and creative content related technologies which is able to extend our reach in the online markets. We appreciate his help and he is a necessary part of our team.
C. Lynch, True Hemp Science

Webflow Certifications

TL;DR Im in the process of launching 6 Webflow websites, have worked with one client for multiple new sites and existing maintenance for this year and been active in SEO and content creation since 2016. Built from scratch, managed hacks and migrations. I have worked with Wordpress since 2016, had a few clients on Shopify and recently moved almost all into Webflow, but I do maintence and administration for WooCommerce and Shopify as well.

True Hemp Science

My main project for 2023 and still going forward with a full website rebuild.

I started with True Hemp Science in february 2023 after the page had been hacked in the end of 2022. The hack had injected thousands of spam pages inside of it which made Google tank its listings in search results. While the pages were already deleted from the website they were already indexed by Google. I started the project by submitting pages for deletion in mass, this is not even possible in Google Search Console Natively so I needed to use a 3rd party extension to automate the process which took hours even with the automation.

I since continued with Wordpress website maintenance since the site had many disfunctional dependencies and leftovers and unfinished pages that I have cleaned up by now.

Also the metadata for the search results were not optimized so I went through all pages and products.

I also generated dozens of blog images using Midjourney AI with the assistance of ChatGPT prompt templates made for prompting Midjourney.

Also the page loading speed needed to be fixed from over 10 seconds in desktop to 1 second by using image optimization, caching and other Wordpress optimization plugins.

Now the Wordpress site stands in a clean situation where its easy to rebuild and migrate the new site and SEO without old clutter and poised to be found again by the target market in Austin TX, and beyond.

Meanwhile we also did multiple new Webflow websites for new brands that are to be published in the not so distant future. Both with Relume's AI site builder and from scratch using Flowbase and Relume component libraries and Foxy.io headless Ecommerce.

With all the AI content hype going on we also did an experiment by generating hundreds of blog posts about cannabinoids and their health benefits to another website, which has been slow to gather traffic, but we learned the workflow. The same setup can prompt social media posts all the blog posts as well, which were also automated to be sent to different social media channels.


Soon to be launched CBD brand for Grimerica.ca podcast. Background created with Photoshop GenAI.

Done through True Hemp Science

Bioactive Silica

Soon to be launched Ecommerce for biosilica product

Done through True Hemp Science

The Hemp Science

Experimental Programmatic SEO content site. Generated hundreds of articles with Byword.ai in few hours. Learned the workflow for programmatic SEO.

Done through True Hemp Science


Soon to be launched Ecommerce & Course platform for mycology


Migrated the design and SEO from Shopify to Webflow + Foxy Ecommerce. The new site is to be launched soon, but visible here.

Also Odoo ERP setup in progress.


Fixing technical issues from the site to improve user experience for example by reducing the page load speed from over 10 seconds to 1 second.

Sarah Aviram

Fixed broken page layouts and created a blog pages to import her medium blog contents. I also fixed the search result metadata as it was showing wrong and out dated information.


Wrote many articles, some of which at least at the time ranked to the first page of Google for searches on CBDa as there were no other finnish popular science articles on the subject

Autio Hemp

While this project does not exist anymore its worth mentioning that I had this small site as side project that ultimately got me into the Madventures Suomi TV show so it did have a bit of exposure.