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Tommi Saltiola, MBA, BSc & PSM

Web Design, Development & Optimization (SEO & CRO)

B2B Lead Gen systems for booking dozens of meetings per month on demand.

I wear many hats from development, design, engineering, research, growth hacking and consulting.

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Tommi has been helping us with web design, SEO and content creation for the better part of 2023. He is attentive and effective in his use of time and able to implement changes in short notice. We let him create some of the design and his web proposals were brilliant. He has an understanding of the search and creative content related technologies which is able to extend our reach in the online markets. We appreciate his help and he is a necessary part of our team.

C. Lynch, True Hemp Science

I had the opportunity to work with Tommi on developing a critical scraping tool and server for our company. His technical expertise, innovative approach, and dedication to understanding our specific needs resulted in a seamless and efficient solution. The tool has significantly improved our data collection processes, demonstrating Tommi's ability to deliver high-quality work under tight deadlines. His professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile made a remarkable difference. I highly recommend Tommi to anyone looking for exceptional technical solutions in data management and infrastructure.

Vesa Karjalainen, Polq Oy

Tommi Saltiola was my student for four weeks, and I believe that I am in a solid position to recommend him. As his tutor, I have had an opportunity to observe his participation and interaction in class and to evaluate Tommi's knowledge of the data analysis. He is an outstanding student in all respects. Tommi Saltiola has proven that through hard work, follow-through, and teamwork, he can accomplish tasks in a courteous and timely manner. Saltiola is well equipped to grow from the challenges that he is presented with. His proactivity, good staging, and fast learning skills prepare him beautifully for your organization. I strongly endorse making Tommi Saltiola a member of your team.

Elnaz Gholipour, Data Analyst Lecturer