Data Analysis/Engineering & GenAI

I had the opportunity to work with Tommi on developing a critical scraping tool and server for our company. His technical expertise, innovative approach, and dedication to understanding our specific needs resulted in a seamless and efficient solution. The tool has significantly improved our data collection processes, demonstrating Tommi's ability to deliver high-quality work under tight deadlines. His professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile made a remarkable difference. I highly recommend Tommi to anyone looking for exceptional technical solutions in data management and infrastructure.
Vesa Karjalainen, Polq Oy

Welcome to my portfolio, which showcases a python & JavaScript web scraping ETL pipeline, Jupyter Notebooks analyzing many different datasets as well as data visualizations using Tableau and Python library Plotly.

Table of Contents

Data Engineer certification from Datacamp

Recommendation Letter from Data Analyst Lecturer

Web Scraping ETL

Scraping job board data from multiple websites to custom job board application.

It was first build with the community Docker Compose setup, but was moved to before launch as it was a more streamlined solution for the client.

Jupyter Notebooks

I use various python data science packages, e.g.: numPy, matplotlib, pandas, seaborn, scipy.

I answer questions like

Cancer Patients Dataset

Why does higher % of gender 1 have malignant tumours?

What other features may be linked to malignant tumours?

Cancer Level & Obesity
Age bins & Cancer Level

Airline Dataset

McDonalds Dataset

Utility Scripts

Python for Spreadsheets and Databases

FDA Compliancy Script

Scrapes all pages of a website into a csv which can be imported to ChatGPT for analysis. We also give lates guidelines together with the CSV and prompt ChatGPT to point out any content that is against the guidelines. Saves time for creating compliant CBD content.

Shopify API

Querying the most popular products so we can display them in headless ecommerce with live data accordingly in the popular products section

Airtable Scripts and Extensions

Google Sheets for Lead Generation

Script for checking the pagespeeds for URLs in column. Useful for lead generation. Also other smaller data cleaning scripts